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Tatianna, Disco Bunny, Spitkitty and Dapple  Nov 19 2021

Disco Bunny All Stretched Out                  Oct 18 2021

A few kitten pictures for Sept 09 2021

Von taking a nap outside…

Mamma Buska and Von wrestling…

Maxine ambushing Disco Bunny…

Maxine and Disco Bunny play fighting…


Dapple, Maxine, Von and Disco  Bunny…

This is Cinder who is the mother of Frosty, Red, Tawny and Black Jack…

Kitty names… I had to come up with names for the kitties to make the first vet appointments. The mamma was already named Buska, which I like, so that’s a keeper. The little siamese was named Von so I’ll stick with that. The dark gray and white I named Max but have since changed it to Maxine. Yep, one of them is a girl. The medium gray and white is kind of spotted or dappled so I named him Dapple. Not sure if I’ll stick with that. The light gray and white has such a beautiful sweet face that he needs a special name, so I named him Disco Bunny.



Dapple, Disco Bunny and Von

My neighbor brought over 4 kittens and their mamma ... July 15 2021
The mamma is named Buska

The first pictures of the kittens (as yet unnamed)

This is Maxine

Foxy Girl and Tatiana in kitchen drawer ... Mar 24 2021

Zorro … Feb 18 2021

Sassy … Feb 18 2021

Shimmer relaxing in the kitchen … Feb 11 2021

Buffy on new cat tree … Jan 19 2021

Tawny and Cinder … Jan 27 2021

Tommy on new cat tree … Jan 21 2021

Jade and Foxy Girl napping together … Jan 23 2021

Zorro … Jan 25 2021

Nap time for Frosty, Jewel, Red and Black Jack…

Nap time for Jade and Teddy…

Buffy in his winter fuzzies…

Foxy Girl in the snow…

Sugar Baby…

Little Jade…

Jade sunbathing under heat lamp in big cat house…

Red showing Jewel where to look…

Acupressure kitty style…

Frosty’s reflection in a dark TV screen…

Ami, Strawberry, Wanda, Red and Frosty…

Red in his cat tree…

Red and Strawberry…


Ami (short for Amelia Earhart, intrepid explorer)…


Jade performing Heimlich maneuver on Jet…

Huggy Bear and Jet on my computer desk…

Jade, Jet and Spit Kitty…

Sugar Baby…

Buffy above basement stairs…

Cinder’s kittens…


Kitten wrestling…


Cat Barn Aug 17 2020 2am


Bonbon July 11 2020

This is Shimmer June 20 2020

This Clyde – I dare you to pick him up.

Ricky Raccoon stopping by for a snack


This is Shimmer’s brother who was also left behind. He’s a muted flame point with bright blue eyes. He comes over at least once a day to eat and likes to hang around when I’m outside. He’s already made friends with all my cats.

Shimmer is a natural for the Flying Monkey Cat Ranch


Nugget and Lacy Roughhousing on the Deck


Nugget and Lacy Roughhousing on the Deck Different Camera


Nugget Jan 11 2020

Friendly on his favorite cat tree Feb 082 2020

Lacy and Nugget Feb 12 2020

Cat Tree Hijinks with Lacy and Nugget part 1


Cat Tree Hijinks with Lacy and Nugget part 2


Cat Tree Hijinks with Lacy and Nugget part 3


Nugget Jan 11 2020
What the What?

Nugget Jan 05 2020

Nugget vs Lacy Round 1


Nugget vs Lacy Round 2


Nugget vs Lacy Round 3


Nugget’s Subtle Attack


Nugget Kitty Cam on Christmas Day 1


Nugget Kitty Cam on Christmas Day 2


Nugget enjoying some sunshine Dec 28 2019

Nugget all played out… at least for a second




Nugget Demon and Mamma

Nugget and Demon Interacting


Nugget Nov 30 2019

Nugget Nugget under chair Dec 05

Nugget in cat tree Dec 05

Nugget in cat tree Dec 05

Nugget in cat tree Dec 05

Dozer Dec 02 2019

Lacy Dec 29 2019

Nugget play video 1


Nugget play video 2


Nugget Kitty Cam 1