Cat House History

This is a short history of what lead up to my first cat house.
 I was always trying to make life a little easier for the stray cats that showed up at my house. This is the oldest picture I could find where I tried something extra.
This setup was under the back porch. The extra would be the heat lamp shining in front of the cardboard box, which had a pillow for bedding.
Date Jan 24 2000

In December of 2001 I took these pictures of what I called cat condos under the back porch.They were old covered cat litter boxes that I’d cleaned up and put bedding in. There was one or two heat lamps shining in the little courtyard between the condos.

Later I built this lean-to on my main deck, I guess it was for a snow free place to feed the outside cats.
I took this picture where I had set up the cat beds under the lean-to.
Note the nice cat beds in each box.
Later that year, in August, I finally built my first real cat house which was the big one on the main deck.